Libertarian lawmaker Justin Amash has been beating his chest in Michigan since he was first elected as a Republican United States Congressman in 2011. The career politician used to buddy around with the libertarian-leaning U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), but that all changed when Amash announced that he supported the impeachment of President Trump. Amash cited his belief that President Trump obstructed justice after reading the heavily redacted Mueller report. Throughout much of President Trump’s term in office, Senator Paul has sided with Trump, especially when it comes to his stance on not using our U.S. military to police the world.

Rep. Justin Amash

When asked about Amash’s support for impeaching Trump based on the Mueller report conclusions, Senator Paul told Fox News, “As a libertarian Republican, I think the whole investigation sort of has an un-libertarian feel, you have an intelligence community that has so much power, that many libertarians we’ve always said gosh, this much power can be abused.”


Amash isn’t exactly popular in his home state of Michigan either. In June 2019, over 200 Michiganders drove across the state to protest Amash at a “Squash Amash” rally.

In July, Michigan Congressman Amash switched his party from Republican to Independent. Amash suffered a huge backlash from Republicans who viewed him as a traitor to Trump and to his party. The unhinged #ResistTrump activists quickly attached their wagons to Amash, hoping that his exodus from the party and dislike for President Trump would start a movement against the President from within his party. Unfortunately, Amash wasn’t able to convince any Republicans to leave the party with him, and in fact, has become very unpopular after taking a hard-nosed position against Trump, especially with those in his own state.

Now, Amash is hinting he’s considering a run against Trump in November.

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In a tweet last night, Amash said, “Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option.”

Conservative  “NewsMax insider” Hanna Cox responded to Amash’s tweet, saying, “Please be you.”

Amash responded to Cox, saying, “Thanks. I’m looking at it closely this week.”

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What do you think about Amash running? Will he take voters away from Trump, or will he take them from Joe Biden?

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