In an eye-opening interview, Kyle Kemper, the half-brother of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was asked why he thinks his woke sibling is refusing to talk to the truckers and why he won’t listen to their cries for freedom?

Cap for Canada – Kyle Kemper is the son of Margaret Trudeau. He was born to Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, Fred Kemper, in 1984.

“On social media, Kyle Kemper urged people to sign petition e2961, sponsored in the House of Commons. It calls COVID vaccinations ‘human experimentation’ and suggests there could be serious adverse effects to taking it.”

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was pleasantly surprised on Friday to learn of Justin Trudeau’s half-brother’s comments regarding the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa. Mr. Kemper called out Trudeau for his divisive speech towards unvaccinated Canadians.

Kyle Kemper has openly opposed Justin Trudeau’s Covid vaccination mandates.  When asked about his reluctance to hear the points of views of millions of Canadians who are protesting for their freedom, he responded, “Justin is the leader of the Liberal Party, and everything that’s coming out of his mouth right now is written. All of his tweets are being produced by a team. He is the face and the lead spokesperson for the Canadian government but the policy and the initiatives that are driving it, and are driving this narrative which he continues to push, which in my opinion, is on the side of anti-Canadian and anti-freedom, are coming down from the higher-ups.” His half-brother cited globalist groups “like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg” that are driving the Canadian Prime Minister’s anti-freedom narrative.

Trudeau is “not speaking from his heart,” Kemper said, as he referred to him as a “weak leader.”

Trudeau’s half-brother explained why he believes his brother won’t even speak with the truckers. “The truth is easily debated, but lies, like can’t be debated. So you don’t even enter the arena of debate when you’re dealing with lies,” he said

He didn’t point to his brother directly but explained how Jeffrey Epstein entrapped people. Kemper suggested that leaders get coerced into doing bad things by setting them up, “Blackmail is a very powerful tool,” he said.


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