“The electronic war has not yet begun,” – The JV team

The Islamic State’s hacking division has published personal details, including phone numbers, of the heads of the CIA, FBI and the National Security Agency as part of a coordinated hacking attack, according to reports by The Mail on Sunday.

“We are back” the hacking group declared. “We need years to publish what we have. We will raise our flag in the heart of Europe.”

The group, calling itself “cyber-Caliphate” also posted details of 54,000 Twitter accounts, tweeting a link to the database, posted online.

Once the passwords were put out online, the group encouraged ISIS supporters to take over the accounts and use them to put out ISIS propaganda. Due to the volume of information published, some victims were unaware they had been hacked when contacted by the Mail on Sunday.

Twitter was notified swiftly by an intelligence agency and suspended the cyber caliphate Twitter account.

The Islamic State’s hacking division was founded by British jihadist Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a drone strike in August. The UK is introducing strict new anti-terrorism surveillance legislation which will enable the government to access the web history of anyone in Britain without a warrant. Internet service providers will also be forced to store the internet history of customers for one year. Via: Clarion Project

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