“There is no excuse why this deadline hasn’t been extended” – Republican Kevin McCarthy.

A blast in Kabul today is reportedly a US airstrike, an unmanned drone, against a vehicle bomb in Kabul that killed a young girl. The vehicle had “suicide bombers” inside, and reportedly, the airport was the target.  This was after reports of an “imminent threat” from ISIS-K terrorists.

CENTCOM Reports:

The timing is notable because Biden was meeting with the families of the 13 military members simultaneously.

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The details of the blast have not been reported. Video from the blast is just coming in:

Is this another attempt by the Biden regime to make up for lost power when the Taliban took over and took billions in weaponry? If that’s the case, it’s too little, too late. Senator Chris Murphy says it’s not over in the biggest understatement of the year. We have just poked the hornet’s nest.

There are frantic calls to extend the August 31 deadline that Biden has so stubbornly refused to extend. Not extending the deadline leaves hundreds if not thousands of Americans and our allies stranded in a terrorist state.

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