On Monday, Kamala Harris made a speech at the annual NAACP convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

During the speech, Harris compared the abortion of millions of babies to the horrific practice of slavery.

She claimed the Supreme Court “took away a constitutional right” from Americans by overturning Roe v. Wade and allowing the states to regulate abortion.

“And think about it”:  For the first time in generations, the United States Supreme Court — the highest court of our land; the former court of Thurgood Marshall — took away a constitutional right that had been recognized, from the people of America, from the women of America.”

“We know, NAACP, that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies,”

Melik Abdul nailed it in his tweet,

“Speaking at #naacpconvention, Kamala Harris compares abortion rights to slavery, a system of oppression that neither her paternal nor maternal ancestors endured in America.”

Watch the video below:

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The White House Press Secretary appears as unprepared to do her job as the rest of the Biden administration. Karine Jean-Pierre won’t say if Biden agrees with Kamala Harris comparing abortion to slavery.

“Just following up on something that something the vice president said today, does the president agree with her that the recent Supreme court decision on abortion access is similar to slavery?” Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked.

“I have not seen her comments. I would like to see her comments for myself before…” KJP began.

She commented, “We know, NAACP, that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies,” Doocy cited Harris.

“Well, she is correct. Today’s decisions are criminalizing doctors, and essentially taking the rights away from women, taking the freedom away from women, really taking away people’s privacy,” KJP claimed. “That does matter. And that is important.”

“But she’s invoking slavery,” Doocy pointed out. “So, the president agrees,” he added.

“I appreciate you reading out what she said,” KJP responded. : I need to actually see exactly what was what was what was said and in what complete context. That’s what I need to do as, as a spokesperson for the administration.”

Watch the video below:


Harris also said: “And today, extremists, so-called leaders are criminalizing doctors and punishing women for making healthcare decisions for themselves.”

Notice that she used the term “woman.”   Where was this outrage during the recent mandates?

Harris continued to encourage the NAACP to work toward electing two more Democrat senators to the United States Senate so that Biden could move forward on breaking the filibuster to make abortion rights federally legal.

“And these so-called leaders — so-called — claim that, “Well, you know, we just think that this is a decision that should be made by the folks in the states. People in the states can vote on this.” Right? But at this moment, many of those same so-called leaders are the same ones who are passing laws to restrict the ability of people to vote.”

“Laws — they’re passing laws, the same people — laws that ban drop boxes and restrict early voting; laws that make it illegal to give people food and water for waiting in line to vote. Undemocratic laws. Un-American laws.”

“And we need two more votes in the United States Senate.”

“We will not — and the President has been clear — we will not let the filibuster stand in our way of our most essential rights and freedoms,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Bad policy and worse messaging appear to be par for this disastrous administration.

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