Kamala Harris has suddenly appeared after being MIA during much of the multiple issues with inflation, the border, and the disaster in Afghanistan. While Joe Biden is in Glasgow, Scotland, for the climate summit, Harris is suddenly speaking at events and getting her COVID booster at the White House.

She got the booster shot, but the physician giving the shot to her did it incorrectly:

According to the NCBI on the shot:

Inadequate deltoid muscle penetration and concerns of improper COVID mRNA vaccine administration can be avoided by injection technique modification:

“Skin bunching will prevent adequate intramuscular injection of vaccines in a small percentage of persons, but as hundreds of millions are expected to receive mRNA vaccines in the coming months, the multiplied result can have significant personal and societal consequences for millions of people globally, especially in obese populations, and therefore this practice should be strictly discouraged.”

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Harris spoke at a rally for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Friday night and didn’t do McAuliffe any favors:

VP Kamala Harris spoke to a crowd in Virginia to try and sell Terry McAuliffe as governor. He’s got 4 days left, and he brought in Harris to spin for him. Harris whines her way through a speech using the political fear tactics typical of Democrats. What was more noticeable was Harris’ phony accent to try and sound relatable to the crowd. It’s very obvious and cringe-inducing.

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Harris begins by introducing the dignitaries and then proceeds to BS her way through the speech. She claims electing Youngkin would be “turning back the clock,” but McAullife was governor years ago.

She uses a slangy accent that’s so condescending. It’s no wonder she was so unlikeable in the 2020 presidential campaign.

“Watchu doin’ tomorrow?”

Did she just say “Terry McUllum!”???


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