American voters have been demanding that Joe Biden come out of his basement and answers real questions from the media. So where is the Democrat Party’s confused presidential candidate, Joe Biden?  He’s somewhere in Delaware, hiding behind a black mask, while his vice presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, who was forced to drop out of the race after being unable to garner over 3% in the polls, is assuming his responsibilities as the Democrat Party’s de facto presidential candidate.

The Hill reports – Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will deliver a speech Thursday to counter President Trump’s remarks at the Republican National Convention formally accepting the GOP presidential nomination.

Harris, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee, will speak in Washington, D.C., “on President Trump’s failures to contain COVID-19 and protect working families from the economic fallout” and the “Biden-Harris plan to contain COVID-19 and build a different path forward in America,” former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign said in a press release.

Trump is planning to give his speech Thursday from the White House lawn, and Harris’s remarks will serve as the Democratic Party’s main counter to his appearance.

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The Biden campaign is ramping up Harris’s activities following what was a largely well-received address last week, scheduling her for three virtual fundraisers, online discussions and publishing an op-ed discussing women’s right to vote.


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