Sen. Kamala Harris likely needs some burn cream after making a foolish comment on Twitter unleashed the fury of common sense Americans who were not about to let her and the Democratic Party get away with blatant hypocrisy.

Harris tried to take a swing at President Trump for misuse of taxpayer dollars, conveniently neglecting the egregious abuses of her own party in this regard.

Folks online were quick to give her a refresher.

via Twitchy:

Senator Kamala Harris isn’t taking President Trump’s border wall plans very well, and she’s criticizing it under the guise of being a steward of taxpayer dollars:

Really, Senator? Well, since she brought it up:

That is what getting scorched looks like, and it’s safe to say she got toasted on both sides in this little skirmish.

No one is as good at misusing tax dollars as Democrats who seem to have made an art out of finding useless projects to pour money into, which ultimately pan out to be of absolutely no value to anyone.

Like those studies they conduct to find out about the impact of cow flatulence on the atmosphere. They might as well take the money from our bank accounts and place it directly in the toilet.

Maybe one day all of this will sink in and our money will go toward legitimate uses, though it’s probably not a good idea to bet on it.

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