Liberals are freaking out. The most relevant black personality in America, who happens to be married to the most popular personality on social media, has spoken out about his support for President Trump before, but today was different. Today was legit. Today, Kanye West was a guest of President Trump’s in the West Wing of the White House. West sat next to Hall-of-Famer, and NFL legend Jim Brown, who is also a huge fan of President Trump’s and spoke candidly about how he loves President Trump.

The Democrat Party is dangerously close to losing their “Trump is a racist” argument, and they are coming unraveled at the thought of losing the black voters they’ve had a lock on for decades. The pile on by the leftist fake news media was expected, but the coordinated effort by the media to label “Ye” as a man who couldn’t be taken seriously because of his mental health issues, was beyond the pale.

In June Billboard Magazine sat down with Kanye West and bravely confessed that he was receiving care for bipolar disorder that he was suffering from. He also explained why he’d like to be referred to a “Ye” (dropping the “Kan”) from his name, “I believe ‘ye’ is the most commonly used word in the Bible, and in the Bible it means ‘you,'” West said of his new album’s title. “So I’m you, I’m us, it’s us. It went from Kanye, which means the only one, to just Ye — just being a reflection of our good, our bad, our confused, everything. The album is more of a reflection of who we are.”

“I’m so blessed and so privileged because think about people that have mental issues that are not Kanye West, that can’t go and make that [album] and make you feel like it’s all good.”

“I’ve never been diagnosed and I was like 39 years old,” West revealed, clarifying that he meant “diagnosed with a mental condition.”

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“It’s not a disability, it’s a superpower,” he told Big Boy, echoing his lyric about bipolar disorder on Ye.

Apparently, Democrat Senator Jackie Speier thinks its okay to bully Kanye West for his bipolar disorder, as she told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, that watching Kanye West in the White House was like “sitting in a psychiatric visit”. 

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CNN wasn’t the only liberal newsroom scrambling to do damage control, MSNBC’s reaction to Kanye’s visit was embarrassing and shameful. Again, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi attacked Kanye West’s mental health, calling his visit, “crazy”. 

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