Kari Lake has officially launched her bid for the U.S. Senate.

“Arizona, I told you we were just getting started. I keep my promises. Tune in now!” Lake said.

Lake addressed a cheering crowd as she announced her campaign.

Welcome to the race Kari Lake. I look forward to substantive discussions on *checks notes* your plan to ban abortion without exception, your undermining of our democracy, and threats of violence. That’s why voters rejected you the first time around and we’ll do it again,” said fellow Senate candidate Ruben Gallego.

“Arizona, I am running to make sure that your children don’t have to suffer under this unhinged Marxists’ policies. Ruben Gallego has destroyed his district. I won’t let him do it to the rest of our wonderful state. This guy doesn’t scare me,” Lake commented.


Watch highlights from Lake’s campaign announcement rally:

Daily Caller reports:

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake officially launched her campaign Tuesday night for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

“We are living in some dangerous times. The world is on fire. And every day Joe Biden wakes up and pours gasoline on it,” Lake said in her announcement speech.

“The only way to fix our problems is with America First policies. President Trump showed us how to do it. Remember four years ago we had $2 a gallon gas. The border was secure, inflation was non-existent, the economy worked for every American. We were thriving and then Joe Biden stumbles into the White House and he sent us on the kamikaze mission to total destruction,” Lake said.

“The propagandists back there in the media have done absolutely nothing except cheer him on and cheer on the Democrats,” she added.

According to The New York Times, Donald Trump is expected to quickly endorse Kari Lake’s Senate campaign.

From The New York Times:

Former President Donald J. Trump is expected to endorse Kari Lake for Senate in Arizona as soon as Tuesday evening as she runs in what will be one of the nation’s most consequential Senate races, a person briefed on his thinking said.

Arizona, along with West Virginia, Montana and Ohio, are seen as among the best opportunities for Republicans to pick up Senate seats next year and win back a majority.

The move comes weeks after Mr. Trump told a prospective Republican candidate, Blake Masters, who lost a race for the other Senate seat in the state last year, that he would lose the primary against Ms. Lake if he ran, according to people familiar with their conversation.

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