Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will announce a new political campaign next month, according to sources.

Lake reportedly will launch a U.S. Senate campaign for the seat held by independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

“Lake plans to officially declare her campaign at a rally on Oct. 10, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing senior Lake advisor Caroline Wren,” Just the News reports.

Just the News reports:

Her victory in the Republican primary is far from a sure thing, however, as former Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters is also reportedly mulling another campaign. Masters failed to boot Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly from the upper chamber in the 2022 cycle.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, consultant George Nicholson, and engineer Brian Wright have already entered the party primary.

Complicating matters is the possible three-way contest given Sinema’s disaffiliation from the Democrats in December of last year, though Sinema has not announced her reelection plans. On the Democratic side, Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego is the only major candidate in the race.

Arizona’s Senate race is likely to be among the most competitive in a cycle likely to favor the Republicans.

“Arizona has two TERRIBLE options running for Senate right now. Ruben Gallego, an unhinged Marxist, who believes that border security is racist. Kyrsten Sinema continues to claim she’s an Independent, yet she votes with Biden more often than Bernie Sanders does. Arizonans want something different. They want a Senator who will put them first,” Lake said.

Kari Lake told CBS News: “We have 2 democrats running. One’s trying to call herself an independent, which is laughable considering that she’s voted with Joe Biden 95% of the time.”

AP added:

U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, an Iraq War veteran and one of the most prominent Latino officials in Arizona, is the only major Democrat in the race.

Sinema is raising money for a potential reelection campaign and is stepping up her public appearances in Arizona, but she has said she’s in no hurry to decide whether to seek a second term in the Senate. Her party switch came after she had infuriated many Democrats who saw her as too close to business interests and an impediment to progressive change.

Lake’s presence in the race could help Sinema if she chooses to mount an independent campaign for reelection. Lake alienated many establishment Republicans during her campaign for governor, even telling “McCain Republicans” to “get the hell out” of a campaign event, describing the late and beloved Arizona Sen. John McCain a “loser.”

To win, Sinema will need to win over a sizable chunk of Republicans and Democrats along with a majority of independents.

Until Trump’s presidency, Arizona had been a reliably Republican state since World War II. Republicans still maintain a registration edge over Democrats, but the GOP lost three consecutive Senate races and last year watched Democrats win the top state offices over a slate of Trump-endorsed election deniers, including Lake.


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