GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s legal team has discovered that 42.5% of the randomly examined ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County for the 2022 governor’s race were illegitimate.

Following what Lake claimed to be an illegitimate election, she was granted the ability to randomly inspect 50 election-day ballots from six different polling centers throughout Maricopa County in Arizona. She was also granted permission for 50 election-day ballots marked ‘spoiled’ to be inspected, as well as 50 early voting ballots.

On Wednesday, the Kari Lake War Room tweeted their findings, saying,

“48 of 113 ballots reviewed during our examination were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper. This one-inch discrepancy [caused] chaos on Election day. Causing the mass rejection of these votes as they were attempted to be read through the tabulators.”

The War Room posted another tweet, saying, “This is how they disenfranchised Maricopa County voters on Election Day. The ballots were designed to be unable to be read through the machines. This wasn’t an error. It was malice. The process worked exactly as they intended it to.”

According to expert testimony at Lake’s ongoing voter fraud trial, the only way the ballot margins could be altered is intentionally by an administrator, suggesting that this “error” was intentional.

Also at the trial, Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett confirmed that the printer setting change occurred the morning of election day.

Attorney Kurt Olsen asked Jarrett, “Is it your testimony that the printer set changes that gave rise to the so-called “shrink to fit” issue – was that done on election day?”

Jarrett responded, “That’s correct.”

Earlier in the trial, Jarrett had said that it would not be possible for 19″ ballot images to get printed on 20″ paper. Then, later on, he backtracked on his statement, saying that this is a common issue that is not a big deal.

Reporter Ben Berquam said, “[Scott Jarrett] magically came up with today, like it was no big deal, ‘oh yeah, it happens all the time, the printer is – you’ll just hit the fit to print setting, or shrink to fit, or print a page.’ Three different ways of saying this is no big deal.”

He also added that this ballot inaccuracy occurred during the 2020 general election and in the primary.

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