Traces of a cancer-causing pesticide have been found in 10 out of 11 ice cream samples from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company.

The pesticide is called glyphosate and is the main ingredient in popular consumer pesticide, Roundup. –The New York Times

It’s ironic how strongly Ben and Jerry’s seems to come out against the top 1%, the only group of people who can actually afford to buy their ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s is known to be very outspoken about their socialist views. They even came out with an ice cream flavor called “Bernie’s Yearning”.

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“The solid disk of chocolate represents… all of the wealth that’s gone up to the top one percent and underneath is the rest of us, and the way you eat is just [to] whack it up into a bunch of little pieces and move it around and there you have it,” said Ben and Jerry’s co-founder, Ben Cohen. –Fox Business

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