Michigan’s very unpopular Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose re-election campaign is in serious trouble, is in fundraising mode. The job-destroying, tyrannical governor’s chances of being re-elected are not looking good, especially now that former Detroit Police Chief James Craig has announced he will likely be running as her Republican opponent. Whitmer, who has nearly 30 recall petitions filed against her, may not be popular, but that’s not stopping her from capitalizing on a loophole that allows her to accept donations from jumbo donors that exceed the maximum allowable contribution—a rule that her opponents will be forced to abide by in their campaigns.

According to MLive – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has raised record-breaking amounts of money in the lead-up to her bid for reelection in 2022, but she did it this period with the help of some jumbo donors who were able to give more than the typical legal limit.

Michigan campaign finance law caps individuals’ donations to candidate committees. The max is currently $7,150 for the governor’s race. But Whitmer’s campaign appears to be relying on a caveat: In 1984, former Secretary of State Richard H. Austin confirmed 1983 guidance saying contribution limits didn’t apply to candidates facing recall.

Whitmer campaign spokesperson Mark Fisk said nearly 30 recall petitions have been filed against Whitmer, and the exemption lets governors defend themselves against recalls.

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s popularity with Michigan residents took a nosedive after she was caught in multiple lies and humiliating acts of hypocrisy related to the iron-fisted mandates she placed on Michigan citizens while refusing to live by the same rules herself.

The unqualified Democrat governor, who was more interested in auditioning to become Joe Biden’s VP than protecting Michigan’s most vulnerable population, sent COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, causing many of them to become infected and even die from COVID.

Governor Whitmer took a wrecking ball to Michigan’s economy with her non-science-based decisions that devasted small and large businesses across the state. Michigan residents in the service industry were some of the hardest hit over her mishandling of the COVID pandemic. My hairdresser, a single mom who is as liberal as they come, recently shared with me that she despises what Whitmer did to their industry and hopes the Democrat governor doesn’t get re-elected.

Tonight, a fundraiser was held for Whitmer at a private residence in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI. Tickets to the fundraiser could be purchased for $250 -$1000 each.

The invitation assured guests that the hosts of the fundraising event would be “adhering to updated COVID guidelines.”

Moments before the event was set to begin; the power went out in homes in the Grosse Pointe Shores neighborhood where the fundraiser was being held.

With dusk approaching, guests of the fundraiser for the unpopular governor were forced to move outside. The photo shared with 100 Percent Fed Up shows maskless donors who didn’t appear to be following the latest CDC suggestions that all vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks.

Shortly after the guests moved outside, a massive rainstorm moved in, forcing donors inside the home without power.

Shortly after donors were forced inside the powerless home, they began to leave.

It’s hard to feel sorry for hosts or guests of the fundraiser, who, despite all she’s done to harm our state, continue to support Gretchen Whitmer. She’s isolated the elderly, destroyed the education of our children and stolen some of the best years of their lives, and has taken a wrecking ball to our economy. As a Michigan resident, it’s hard to imagine anyone could’ve done a worse job handling the Chinese virus in our state.

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