Nancy Pelosi was heckled throughout her speech to the California Democratic Party Convention…

The far left wing of the party is out for blood and wants President Trump impeached STAT!

The divide in the party between pro and anti impeachment has never been greater. Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken hold of the far left wing of the party. Those with an ounce of common sense, aren’t calling for impeachment. They know this will only circle the wagons even more for a 2020 win for President Trump.

Watch below as the crowd heckles their “leader” throughout her speech:

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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It’s been a rough weekend for the Democrats.

Kamala Harris had the microphone taken from her during a Moveon event. A lunatic jumped on stage and had to be forcefully removed. Harris’ husband jumped on stage because the security wasn’t helping yet and moved the guy away from his wife who had calmly walked off stage.

We’re no fans of Harris but the far-left wing of the party is dangerously unhinged.

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