A big dose of karma came to a Democratic lobbyist and NY/NJ Port Authority muckily muck who thought she could push around officers who were just trying to do their job. Caren Turner, 60, a Democratic lobbyist who served as the ethics chair of the powerful bi-state agency was forced to resign by the governor of NJ after a video emerged of her cursing at police officers.

Turner thought that if she flashed her golden badge they wouldn’t follow the law:


Turner arrived at the scene where a car in which her daughter had been a passenger was pulled over. The vehicle was stopped with no registration and insurance, according to Politico. The car was about to be towed and Turner was going to drive her daughter and the other occupants of the car home before a confrontation between Turner and the police broke out.

WFB reports:

“She immediately walked up to PO Casper and I and began attempting to hand me a business card identifying herself as ‘the commissioner of the Port Authority,’” wrote police officer Matthew Savitsky, referring to his fellow officer. “She also exhibited a full-size gold badge in a badge wallet that had the same printed on it. She then began a line of questioning in a demanding nature.”

Turner stated she was a “friend of the mayor” and claimed to she managed over 4,000 officers in the Port Authority. Politico reports the agency employs about 1,600 police officers.

During the video, the officers told Turner may take her adult daughter, to which Turner can be heard yelling “you may shut the f— up!”

“You can’t put a sentence together, sorry. That’s pathetic and you are a disappointment!” Turner said to one of the officers before yelling at the other one.

Turner’s resignation apparently only came after she was “encouraged” to by Gov. Phil Murphy (D., N.J.).


We previously reported on this gem:

Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a New York county legislator, was filmed by police cameras as she freaked out over getting a speeding ticket in Kingston, NY. She claimed to have PTSD and to be having a panic attack during the encounter, which reportedly lasted for about half an hour. In the end, the officer wrote her a ticket for driving 13 miles over the speed limit and Berky apologized for her behavior.



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