A Cobb County, GA Trump supporter says his surveillance camera captured a woman driving through his fence to vandalize his Trump 2020 sign. The problem is, once the 20-year-old unhinged woman drove through the barbed-wire fence, she couldn’t get her car out of the fence and had to leave it behind.

George Bentley told WSB-TV in Atlanta that he had to put a barbed-wire fence up around the Trump sign to protect it.

“We want him to be elected again in 2020, and we wanted to give our support for him,” Bentley said.

His security cameras captured the woman driving the car through the barbed wire fence and knocked over a brightly-colored cube. The incident took place at 1 am. The video also shows the woman approaching and spray painting the sign.

Bentley says if she didn’t get stuck in the fence, it would have been difficult to identify her.

George Bentley

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“If the car hadn’t been here with the tag on it, and we just had video of the person, it would have been really tough,” Bentley told WSB-TV .

“It really irritates me. I believe people should be able to protest, but not on my property, you know?” Bentley said.

The car led police to Azaria Moore, 20, who has been charged with criminal trespass and failure to report a crash.

Azaria Moore Facebook photo

Azaria Moore admits to the crime on her Facebook page, saying she did it because of “an anxiety attack from dealing with college school work.” 

She drove through a barbed-wire fence to vandalize a Trump 2020 sign because of “anxiety?”  How, exactly does driving through a fence, and vandalizing someone else’s property relieve anxiety?

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WSB-TV – Bentley said he hopes the criminal charges will send a message.

“We’re sorry you don’t like it. Go to your place and do your own display, but leave ours alone,” Bentley said.

Dana Loesch tweeted about the over-the-top reaction to the Trump 2020 sign by 20-year-old Azaria Moore:

Wow. There’s “disliking a politician” and then there’s driving your car through a barbed wire fence across a field to run a sign over bearing one’s name before leaving your car behind.

Bentley estimates the damage to be thousands of dollars, including the fence that has to be repaired.

Johnson contacted Moore for comment about this story, but she didn’t want to say anything. She told Johnson that she could face five years in prison if convicted.

Do you think Azaria should be hit with the maximum fine as an example for other unhinged Trump haters?

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