Mark Zuckerberg has failed the stockholders of Facebook (Meta) in almost every possible way. From censoring conservatives and making it almost impossible for conservative users to find accounts like 100 Percent Fed Up, which has been hidden in the Facebook newsfeed since Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, to the hundreds of millions he and his wife spent to affect the outcome of our elections in 2020, stockholders should be furious with the radical leftist CEO and what he’s done to the formerly profitable social media platform.

From January 18-23, 2017, the 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page reached over 100 MILLION individuals in ONE WEEK.

Two weeks later, and NOT coincidentally after Trump was inaugurated with our full support, 100 Percent Fed Up lost over 90% of our traffic, and it was never restored. It was a heavy price we had to pay and continue to pay for supporting President Trump on Facebook.

The latest report showing how tech stocks fared in 2022 is ugly, but the biggest disappointment for investors of all of the “Big Five” major tech stocks, including Google parent company Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta, was for Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, whose stock took an incredible 65% plunge in 2022.

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Are Zuckerberg’s chickens finally coming home to roost?

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President Trump who has suffered irreparable harm as a result of Zuckerberg’s censorship policies and his interference in the 2020 election, shared the news of Facebook’s massive stock drop on his popular new Truth Social media site.

While all five major tech stocks took a beating in 2022, Meta’s stock was hit the hardest, down nearly 65% on the year, as the company was forced to cut 11,000 staff from a workforce that had nearly doubled since March 2020 to roughly 87,000 employees after new privacy rules on Apple’s app store cut into ad revenue. Meta’s Instagram is also facing intense competition from TikTok and investors are losing confidence that the billions that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is investing into virtual reality is worth the expense.

So, the big question is, will the Facebook (Meta) board of directors hold him accountable or will they allow the social media platform to be run into the ground so Mark Zuckerberg can continue to punish his political enemies, while conservatives flee to free speech platforms like President Trump’s Truth Social, Parler, GETTR and Gab?

Can the Facebook (Meta) board of directors hold Zuckerberg accountable?

In April 2020, CNET reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly recast his board of directors to cast aside dissenters and consolidate decision-making power at the social media giant. The campaign culminated in the recent departures of two directors from the board and the appointment of a longtime friend of Zuckerberg, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The moves have also allowed Zuckerberg to take a more publicly visible leadership role at the company he founded 16 years ago, the Journal reported. He has helmed the company’s high-profile campaign in the battle against the coronavirus, conducting interviews on the response with prominent politicians and health care professionals.

The changes to the board come as the company seeks to improve its reputation after three years of scandals involving the social media giant being used to spread misinformation, lax oversight of user data and governmental scrutiny of the its competitive practices.

If Mark Zuckerberg can’t be held accountable for his communist-style censorship of Facebook, will shareholders continue to support the flailing social media company or will they begin to look at other social media platforms with a brighter future?

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