A New York City Starbucks has become a hangout for addicts, the mentally ill, and the homeless due to woke policy

Starbucks is one of the most “woke” companies in America. They fund BLM, they offer gender transition surgeries to their employees, and they go nuts for “Pride Month” every year.

However, a NoHo Starbucks at the corner of  Astor Place and Lafayette Street has taken it too far for its own customers.

An apparent vagrant brought their own Cinnamon Toast Crunch to the Starbucks location before passing out. New York Post

The Starbucks in question is now a haven for drug addicts, the mentally ill, drunks, and the homeless–much to the chagrin of the chain’s liberal customers who now have to deal with the results of their own wokeness first hand.

From the New York Post:

“Starbucks got too woke too fast,” said java joint regular Konstantin Dobryakov. “Now some customers are too scared to go in because you’ve got a bunch of homeless people sleeping in there. They got to be ready to kick people out and not give everyone a free cup of coffee. You give them a finger and they’ll take a hand.”

From drug addicts actively using at the Starbucks, to the stench of body odor and garbage build up, and the mentally ill vagrants shrieking obscenities, this Starbucks has become too far gone for their paying customers, however it is the perfect spot for “destitute.”

“They’ve got phone chargers and nice couches,” said Dave, a 28-year-old homeless man from Boston. “Ever since those black guys were arrested at one in Philadelphia a few years ago, nobody really wants to touch you. Employees might come over and very quietly ask sleeping people to wake up and move on, but then those same guys go right back to sleep. The cops will only show up if someone is dangerous.”

Was Starbucks asking for this, though? After all, they did make their restrooms public and even went so far as to put syringe disposals in some of them–as if actively courting drug addicts and the homeless in their quest to be the wokest chain of all.

Star Bucks has recently closed sixteen profitable stores due to “safety concerns,” and anticipated having to close more. Rather than alter their policies at the risk of appearing less woke, Starbucks would rather close down stores. Because that makes total sense.

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