When Ian Furgeson walked into an Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, GA wearing his Trump sweatshirt and Make America Great Again ball cap, he was greeted by an unhinged store worker, who violated his First Amendment Right by refusing service to him over his support for our President.

In addition to calling Furgeson a “racist motherf**ker,” the worker repeatedly screamed at Furgeson, telling him to “get the f*ck out of here!” Another customer, who according to Furgeson, was already in the store when he entered, stood by and watched the remarkable interaction take place for several minutes.

Watch: (Strong language warning)


After Furgeson was refused service at the Xhale City vape shop, he moved down the street to the next vape store.  Furgeson videotaped his interaction with Casey, the clerk at the local vape store, claiming he just showed her the video of his encounter with the Xhale City vape store employee down the street. Furgeson claimed that Casey found the Xhale City vape store clerk’s behavior to be “abhorrent.” Casey looked into the camera, and called the Xhale City vape store clerk’s behavior, “disgusting,” adding “you don’t treat people like that.”

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Furgeson held his camera on both of them saying, “Okay, so here we are—a liberal Democrat” Casey interrupts to say “Not a Trump supporter at all,” Furgeson continued, “and a conservative Republican.” Furgeson turned to his “friend Casey” and asked her if she’s ever been in trouble with the law? Casey responded that she had not been in trouble with the law. Furgeson admitted he’s “a five-time felon and a convict” and explained that even though Casey has never been in trouble with the law, they were “coming together,” as they hugged. Casey replied, “We’re cool as shit.” Furgeson was clearly attempting to prove the point that it doesn’t matter what your political views are, or even your past history with the law, you can still get along. Furgeson said he would now be bringing his business to Casey’s vape shop. He ended his video by saying “God bless America and everyone in it!”

Watch: (Warning strong language)

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Furgeson’s video of the interaction with the Xhale City vape store employee went viral and has been viewed over 1 million times on social media.

Xhale City wasted no time coming out with a statement that reveals they have fired the employee who refused service to Ian Furgeson, claiming they “do not tolerate this kind of behavior” from their employees. They also stated that as soon as they identified their unhinged and intolerant employee in the now viral video, they immediately fired him. The Xhale City statement also revealed that they have spoken with the customer and apologized, saying they “value their clients” and “treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.”

Americans are better than this. The more these types of incidents of unhinged Trump haters and Trump supporter haters are exposed, the less acceptable this behavior might become. No American should be forced to endure the rants or threats of an ignorant, violent and intolerant liberal. Kudos to Ian Furgeson for videotaping this interaction. Who knows, the next would-be unhinged victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome might think twice about assaulting or refusing service to their fellow American simply for the “crime” of supporting our President of the United States.

It goes without saying that this would be a massive story if the Trump supporter was an Obama supporter, and this incident took place in 2010.

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