Disgraceful Kathy Griffin doesn’t have a special on Netflix and she’s so mad about it that she’s whinging on the Internet. What she posted tied in Norm Macdonald and the fact that he has a Netflix talk show which begins on September 14. That’s because Norm is funny and connects with a much bigger audience than she does. Kathy, the former “let me help you poop” face of the Squatty Potty who rose to notoriety after showing herself with a decapitated Donald Trump head, has been straggling for mainstream relevance on Twitter so hard that it’s easy to see why Netflix won’t give her a special.

It’s like trashing Netflix and saying they have a double standard over gender issues and won’t take Kathy because she’s a woman is going to change their mind. Not to mention Chelsea is gone now, but Kathy still doesn’t have a special, so what’s that say? Could it be Kathy’s lack of talent and her inability to accept that?

All opinions aside, her twitter account is laced with pathetic cries and rants towards people like Donald Trump Jr. There’s nothing that really resembles humor on her page and it’s probably safe to say she’s just like that in person. Why would anyone want this on Netflix? Her page is a bitter collection of whines and outbursts, nothing that suggests she’s likable to the typical entertainment fan.

I tried looking for something funny of hers, but I couldn’t find it. It must be in the lost and found, but it seems like someone else like Norm Macdonald took it home.

Kathy posted a topless video of herself dancing and I almost threw up on account of how gross it is.

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Kathy tweeted today and it sparked a hilarious discussion, but the humor was from people calling her out – not from her. She said:

“I can’t get a Netflix special because I once had the audacity to share that a Netflix executive told me that because they had Chelsea Handler, they didn’t need other women…

Meanwhile, Norm Macdonald has a Netflix talk show….

Double Standard? I think so…”

I think not.

Where is the double standard? There is none. Is it because Norm is male? No. Norm is funny.

It’s probably a provable fact that more people like Norm and think he’s funny. It’s safe to say that Norm connects with a much wider audience who has a better appreciation for humor. Who is Kathy’s audience, a few extreme feminists and lonely women at home who have no sense of humor and latch on to every anti-Trump celebrity? That’s not enough to grant her a show.

Kathy brings up Chelsea. Her show was canceled after two seasons because it was horrible and lacked the ratings and viewership that would’ve kept it on the program.

In my opinion, Kathy is worse than Chelsea, so why would Netflix bring her on? That would be an awful idea that would attract a minimal amount of visitors and think from a business perspective, it sounds like Netflix would lose money and the public relations would be a nightmare.

Let’s remind people that one of the prerequisites of having a special is that you’re probably funny. Kathy declares herself a comedian, but in order for a huge program like Netflix to give a comedian a special, they should probably be funny. Sounds logical, right?

Netflix would need Kathy to have enough viewers who think she’s funny enough to watch. It seems like Netflix probably did the smart thing and went with a business decision, thinking about their bottom line when it comes to money.

Will people watch her? Sure, there might be a few. Would it be enough people to generate new subscriptions in order to create a new revenue stream in which to help pay for her? Highly doubtful.

I don’t know a single person who has ever thought Kathy Griffin is funny. This dates back before the whole “she hates Trump” thing. She wasn’t really ever relevant back then, and she seems to have dived further into the abyss at this point. Sure she’s on tour, but is she selling out stadiums or is she packing coffee shops with a few people? There’s a massive difference and any comedian who is well respected can identify it and tell you.

After Kathy Griffin whined on Twitter, the responses that she received were great. People obviously pointed out that she needs to be funny first. That’s a given. There were a few other funny gems in her replies as well. Some of these folks might even get a special before Kathy does!





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