Kathy Griffin, who ended her own career after she held a bloodied, decapitated head of President Trump up for the cameras,  is blaming President Trump for her bad decision.

After the bloodied head of President Trump began circulating around social meida, Griffin standing like a member of ISIS, proudly displaying the decapitated head of her enemy, Trump tweeted that Griffin should “be ashamed of herself.” He told Griffin that he has an “11-year-old son, Barron” who is “having a hard time with this!” calling the not-funny Griffin, “Sick!”

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There was bipartisan agreement that Griffin had gone to far when even those on the far left were callling her out for crossing the line. Chelsea Clinton spoke out against Griffin’s disgusting act:

Even Kathy’s New Year’s Eve co-host on CNN, Anderson Cooper called her out on her photo shoot, saying it was “appalling,” calling it, “clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

CNN eventually fired Griffin from her co-hosting gig with Cooper on New Year’s Eve.

Now, Griffin, somehow believes she is a victim. In an interview with the Associated Press, Griffin blames President Trump for making her “unemployable and uninsurable.”

She forgot un-funny, unnatractive and unimportant.

“I kept saying, ‘I think this is an important, historic story,’” Griffin said, explaining her decision to tape her side of the story. “The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable.”

According to the AP:

The result is a feature film, “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story” that’s part documentary, part comedy special. She financed it herself and carried a poster from interview to interview on a recent press day.

“Look, I made it at Kinkos, OK? I’m still on the D-list,” she quipped, referring to the Bravo reality series that earned her two Emmy Awards.

The documentary portion gets raw, Griffin said. “Like ugly Kathy, no makeup, crying.” But it’s also funny. Griffin taped stand-up that’s edited into the film. (She tried to sell it as a stand-alone comedy special and “nobody would even look at it.”)

Kathy Griffin held a press conference with her sleezy lawyer, where she said she wasn’t “afraid of Donald Trump.” She told the media that she’s “dealt with older white guys” trying to keep her down,” her entire career.  Griffin continued to blab about how people like her to do outrageous things and that she’s an “out there comedian.” Griffin then blamed President Trump, Melania, and his “grown children” for ruining her career.

Sorry, Kathy, but your decision to hold a decapitated head of President Trump up for the cameras ruined your pathetic career.

Watch her press conference here:

Only two months after her “I’m sorry” for what I did, press conference, Kathy Griffin did an about-face and said she wasn’t sorry anymore.

In an interview with Seven Network months later, Griffin admitted that she was not actually sorry.

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing got so blown out of proportion, and I lost everybody,” Griffin told the network. “Like, I had Chelsea Clinton tweeting against me. I had friends, Debra Messing from ‘Will and Grace,’ tweeting against me.”

One year later, the comedian who found herself being the only one laughing at her jokes after her career bottomed out, found a new friend in porn star Stormy Daniels, who Griffin posed with, in a photo that she posted on her Twitter account. Kathy wrote a message to the porn star along with her photo of them flipping off President Trump. In her message, Griffin told Stormy that it was “an honor” to have her at her Boston show and that she supports her “100%!” Griffin ended her tweet with #FuckTrump

Is anyone feeling sorry for her yet?


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