Katie Couric took to Twitter to call out Charlottesville, VA protesters who allegedly sprayed urine at two of her producers. What leftist hack Katie Couric doesn’t mention is that the protesters who sprayed her producers with urine were actually ANTIFA protesters. By leaving that little factoid out of her tweet, she has clearly attempted to mislead anyone reading her tweet into believing that the offending protesters were part of the white nationalist group. While we strongly condemn any group that believes they are superior because of their race or skin color, these people actually obtained a permit to protest, and until Antifa showed up, their protest was peaceful.

Citizen journalist and lawyer Mike Cernovich called out Katie Couric for attempting to mislead her Twitter followers:


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Another person on Twitter verified what Mike Cernovich reported:

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Fox News reported about the #UniteTheRight (no affiliation with conservative Americans who think of themselves as being right of center) having permits to protest in Charlottesville, VA:


A couple of hours ago, a car drove down one of the streets where protesters were walking and drove into several people. Numerous people were injured. Some of the protesters reportedly have life-threatening injuries. Reports are coming from people who are at the rally that an Antifa member was driving the vehicle that smashed into protestors.


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