If you thought the circus act was over, then think again because things just became even more bizarre than what we witnessed during Brett Kavanaugh’s pre-confirmation incidents.

New reports suggest that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces a bizarre coordinated attack by a new group of witches from Brooklyn who plan to put a hex on him during a witches ritual. A group of witches plans to hold a public event in a Brooklyn bookstore where they will perform the “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh” and has sent out event invites via popular online event planning tool, Eventbrite.

Sources such as Time suggest that Kavanaugh is the main target of the hex, but that there are other targets who will be brought up in the ritual.

This is reportedly the same group who put a hex on President Trump.

The witch ritual/hex is a public event.

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Time reported that Catland Books, in the Bushwick neighborhood of the New York City borough, says that Kavanaugh will be the focus of the event, but it will curse “all rapists and the patriarchy,” too. To promote the “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh,” the bookstore has sent out invites over Eventbrite.

“[Brett Kavanaugh] will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind,” the invite reads. The event will embrace the powers of witchcraft to bring justice “to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him.”

“We wanted to have an act of resistance,” Dakota Bracciale, the event organizer, told TIME. “It’s about having space for survivors of sexual assault who are not going to be silent and who don’t want Brett Kavanaugh to serve as a symbol of defeat.”

The mystical bookstore event will also hold a second ritual after the main hex, called “The Rites of the Scorned One,” to support women and men who no longer want to stay quiet about the issue of sexual assault.

“We’re raising visibility and letting people know they’re not alone with the monsters,” Bracciale said. “Even the witches are coming out of the woodwork to stop this.”

Amy Kremer, founder of “Women for Trump,” spoke out about the event as reported by Newsweek.

Speaking Sunday on MSNBC, Kremer criticized the event as yet another left-wing attack on conservatives. “It is a scary time right now,” she said. “Now you’ve got witches that are placing a hex on Brett Kavanaugh.”

Things are heating up leading to the midterms and there could be more bizarre behavior exhibited from leftist groups.

Are these antics to be taken seriously or are they ways for groups to get attention?

For example, the bookstore holding this event got their name in the national news headlines, giving them free advertising.

Is the hex a genuine attempt by the Brooklyn witches group going after Brett Kavanaugh? Or was this nothing less than a marketing ploy to get free news headlines by conducting a bizarre event?


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