Benny Johnson from the Daily Caller shared a video of Kavanaugh protesters trying to break into the Supreme Court. The protesters were trying to stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh had faced sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford and several others. Ford’s story had no witnesses to support her claims, and those she named said it did not happen or they didn’t seem to know what she was talking about.

Other claims that Kavanaugh acted inappropriate were unable to materialize into something credible and more or less brushed off, as accusers such as Julie Swetnick proved she was also not credible, nor did her story add up either.

The accusations faced by Brett Kavanaugh smelled more like a Democrat plot to take his seat on the Supreme Court, a fight for power that could have an impact for decades. It was an “at any cost” battle between Republicans and Democrats, but Kavanaugh was victorious.

The protesters did not want to face the loss and they are seen here trying to claw and punch their way into the United States Supreme Court.

Of course, the doors are super thick, weight tons, and are of solid bronze according to Johnson.

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Watch the video of the protesters attempting to get into, or better yet – break into, the Supreme Court.

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“Hysterical Left-Wing protesters storming the 13 ton solid bronze doors of the Supreme Court and attempting to claw them open with their bare hands would be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – if it was not simultaneously the scariest.

Imagine if conservatives behaved like this?”

Trying to “claw them open” could be considered an attempt to break in, although there’s no chance that any human could get through those doors with their bare hands.

Johnson asked us to imagine if conservative people acted like this. I’m not sure what would happen. Maybe people would get arrested and the mainstream media outlets with a liberal-leaning would focus on the behavior.

It seems like the more radical and extreme behavior comes from the left side of politics.

That’s quite a shame because no one should be acting like this.

Everyone who is a legal citizen and of age to vote should use their vote as their voice.

If anyone is upset with how the government is run, then those people have the ability to get involved with local branches of their government.

We all have the power and ability to make a difference with our votes, our volunteering, our participation, and our will to do a good job.

Banging on doors and trying to claw them open is not a good example.

What did those people banging on the door of Supreme Court accomplish?

Nothing, right?

Here’s more coverage of the situation during Kavanaugh’s confirmation day.

Seems like a fun day to be a Kavanaugh supporter!

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