On Thursday, during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings where Dr. Christine Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh both had a chance to be heard after Ford’s wild, 36-year-old, uncorroborated accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, arrogant Democrat Senators were seen smiling as they appeared to be confident that their plot to smear Brett Kavanaugh’s impeccable reputation was in the bag. Their only hope was Democrat activist, and persuasive victim, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who testified with convincing emotion about her alleged sexual assault at the hands of  President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee.

Democrat Senators were so sure that Ford’s emotional explanation about how over 36 years ago, in an undetermined location, on an undetermined date, with three named witnesses who all denied her accusations, would be believed by American voters, that they likely had the champagne chilling on ice and waiting for them in some 5-star restaurant in DC.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony.
What the Democrats didn’t count on, however, was that Judge Kavanaugh wasn’t going to lay down and let them run over him, his family, and his reputation. What they didn’t count on, is that Brett Kavanaugh would actually fight back. Democrat leaders and activists are so used to bullying people, and threatening them until they get their way, that they miscalculated the usually soft-spoken man with strong faith, a loving family, a large circle of friends and co-workers from every stage of his life who were willing to put their lives on hold to defend his impeccable reputation. (It’s worth noting, that none of Ford’s siblings or her parents are willing to defend her.)
Judge Brett Kavanaugh opening statement

What the Democrats really didn’t count on, was the backlash they would get from members of their own Party who watched Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony and were deeply touched by his fight to defend his spotless reputation. What Democrat Senators didn’t count on, was the disgust members of their own Party would feel towards them, as they watched their obvious attempt to destroy a truly good man and his reputation for the sake of grabbing back the power they lost when Donald Trump shocked the Democrats and won the 2016 presidential election.

Are the Democrats about to see a massive red tsunami in the 2018 election, after Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Independent voters watched them make a public mockery of our American justice system, while they exposed their evil objectives om their attempts to destroy the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh and his innocent family?

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One tweet from a Twitter user who goes by the name of “EDM”, seems to hint that Democrats may be in very big trouble in the upcoming elections. His tweet is a very bad sign for the Democrat Party and for the 2018 mid-term elections, as almost every comment under EDM’s tweet is from a Democrat who claims, that after watching the Kavanaugh circus, they are planning to only vote for Republicans in the upcoming election and beyond…

Here’s EDM’s tweet:

This Kavanaugh-Ford thing has convinced me of one thing… on election day, for the first time ever, I’m voting all red. I’m sick of the left.

Here are just some of the comments from Democrats who agreed with EDM about leaving the Democrat Party after they watched Christina Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony. These comments are incredible…and very bad news for the dirty Dems.

Will be my first vote in my 40 years. RED!! All the way!


I just told my wife that. I used to go through the ballot. From here on out, I vote straight ticket republican. Crazy thing, I’m a former democrat. Democrat party today is filled with power hungry leftist. Not my party…

Same. I used to refuse to claim a party – I voted for the best candidate. The Democrats have absolutely ruined me with their extremism and socialist agenda the past few cycles. Their behavior is reprehensible. Riding the in November.

I love the way u think. I’m a UAW rep and am sworn an allegiance to democrats. Never understand how the UAW expect us to vote against our own interests. Leftist democrats are for open borders and illegals knocking our pay with cheap labor. Democrats could care less about justice.

I feel your frustration. Coming from Chicago where the swamp plug is & with ALL the democrats that run the city, county & state doing NOTHING for years for the Black community, I left the party a while back. What DO we have to loss supporting


I agree. The Democrats are not the party they used to be. I certainly will never vote for one again until they stat putting Americans first.

I’m with you. It will be my first time ever, but I’m doing it!

That is exactly my thought! Exactly! I always prided myself on voting for individual candidates; not anymore! Thanks, Dims, for making my life easier on Election Day.

Same here. I didn’t want to vote Chris Kobach Gov. of Ks. But damn the torpedos. I’ll never vote for another Demo again.

Me too All Red….not even looking at names any more!


Me too brother.

I hate to say it, but me too.


Yeah I voted mostly democrats but not this year

Me too – and I’m a registered Dem????


Me too! And I was faltering. This is embarrassing


That’s how I feel as well, been my whole life till the last election when I went but this has been the worst railroading job, now I wonder if the have been doing this to everyone all along they have lost any credibility in my eyes


There are a lot of us that will be doing that. Can’t say I’ve ever done it in the past either but the crap show has done it for me.


Democrats will next turn loose their masked blackshirt thugs. Democrats behave more like Nazis every day, assaulting people in restaurants, rioting, harassing and protesting…and smearing honorable men and women. VOTE OUT all Democrats in November.


A Twitter user attempted to discredit “EDM” by suggesting he’s always voted for Republicans, EDM quickly rebuked him, telling him:

You don’t have to go far back to where I praise Roy Cooper, a democrat I voted for. Not sure if my support for Charles Johnson was on Twitter, since he was a democrat running for mayor. Facebook is where I deal with local stuff And yeah, it sucks that it was late, but he’s great.

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