His new name is Justice Brett Kavanaugh and he made a huge impact during his first day on the job. The newly confirmed justice has hired a black law clerk to work in his fancy new area of the United States Supreme Court.

What’s the big deal about that? Well, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a justice on the Supreme Court since 1993, joining 25-years ago. She has hired hundreds of law clerks. Only one of them have been African-American. That’s right! Ginsburg is a Democrat and they’re the party of tolerance and racial balance, but out of all the law clerks she’s hired, only one has been black. That doesn’t seem very racially balanced, does it?

Daily Caller pointed out that since “joining the high court in 1993, Ginsburg has hired over 100 law clerks, just one of whom is black.

Ginsburg’s hiring practices have been criticized for decades. During her 1993 confirmation hearings, GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah asked Ginsburg if a court might reasonably conclude that a small business in a majority black city that hired 57 white employees and zero black employees over a period of years was discriminatory. Ginsburg dodged, before Hatch pointed out that was in fact her own record of clerkship hiring in her 13 years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

“I will try harder, and if you confirm me for this job my attractiveness to black candidates is going to improve,” Ginsburg replied, to much laughter throughout the hearing chamber.

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Kavanaugh set a gender-related hiring record as well. He is the first Supreme Court Justice to hire all females on his first hiring. White males from prestigious schools are usually who get the clerkship, but Kavanaugh struck down the racial and gender bias by hiring a mixed-race crowd of four females, one of whom is African American.

Daily Caller also reported that “a 2017 study published in the National Law Journal found that 85 percent of all Supreme Court clerks between 2005 and 2017 were white, and approximately two-thirds were male.”

Kavanaugh faced heavy levels of scrutiny and attacks from what many perceive to be a character assassination plot by the Democratic Party who worked with Christine Blasey Ford in what might have been a plot to dethrone Kavanaugh by preventing him from being confirmed.

The Democrats failed and in return now appear to have demonstrated behavior that supported a sexual assault accusation from over 30-years ago, but the story had no corroborating witnesses and was filled with numerous holes.

An FBI investigation was unable to find substantial evidence that a prosecutor would be able to use against Kavanaugh.

The attorney hired to question Ford and Kavanaugh, named Rachel Mitchell, also said that Ford’s story was so weak that it could not get a search warrant, let alone a prosecution.

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