Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the only one suffering through this terrible fiasco of character assassination. His wife and daughters are getting the bad end of the stick just as much as he is, with the entire family receiving violent and death threats ever since Christine Blasey Ford teamed up with the Democratic Party to throw wild accusations at Kavanaugh just before he’s confirmed into the Supreme Court.

His wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, is receiving violent threats to her work email account. Heavy reported what the Wall Street Journal had stated about the threats, but that story requires people to pay, so we quoted them here for you: “The Journal reports that the emails came to Ashley Kavanaugh’s work email, both from the same email account. “May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell,” said one email, according to WSJ. The other told her she should tell Brett Kavanaugh to “put a bullet in his … skull,” reported WSJ.”

CNN even reported on the nasty emails that Mrs. Kavananaugh received, stating one of them said “My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it,” and “F*** YOU AND YOUR RAPIST HUSBAND.” How nice of CNN to report the horrible things that people do to others.

One of the responses to the hatred was for the Kavanaugh family to handout cupcakes when their home was mobbed by reporters.

It got worse though. The Kavanaugh’s two young daughters, 10 and 13, are also receiving threats and everyone knows that the kids are off limits when it comes to things like this. It’s a battle between Christine Blasey Ford, her uncredible accusations, and Brett Kavanaugh – but his wife and kids should not be messed with. It’s despicable that someone would send another human being’s children death threats.

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It’s so bad that even Kellyanne Conway got involved and asked why the reporters aren’t covering the threats hurled at the children.

Conway insisted that reporters cover the death threats made against the Kavanaugh family, in particular, the wife and daughters.

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The Daily Caller stated “Kellyanne, counselor to the president, said that the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh are being “politicized” by Democrats and the media. “It’s not fair to Kavanaugh. It’s probably not fair to Dr. Ford. It’s also not fair to get so little coverage of all the vile language and death threats being thrown at Judge Kavanaugh’s family,” Kellyanne told reporters bluntly.

“His young daughters, his wife don’t deserve that. He does not deserve that,” Kellyanne continued, “None of you deserve it. He really needs to tone down the temperature that way. Lot of people are attacking him and his family and it’s awful. It’s awful.”

Chairman Grassley was one of the many to call this out, as per a tweet “BREAKING: Chairman Grassley reveals Judge Kavanaugh’s two young daughters have faced serious death threats “and vicious assaults as a result of these allegations” — and “they’re getting worse by the day.”

It should be reported that Christine Blasey Ford is receiving threats as well. As it stands, both the Kavanaugh’s and Ford’s are receiving death threats and everything has turned into a media-frenzy circus act just dripping with juvenile delinquency and violence sparked by the media and their ability to heighten the fake outrage. You know who is benefiting right now? The Democrats as they likely smear Kavanaugh’s name just to stall the confirmation and cause problems for President Trump.

You have to wonder one thing – if someone else was president and nominated Judge Kavanaugh, then would the Democrats still be acting like circus performers in their huge distraction? Or would the confirmation go through smoothly as many others have in the past?

This is absolutely preposterous and anyone threatening Kavanaugh’s daughters and wife should be ashamed of themselves.

Will the mainstream media look further into this and help prosecute the people who are sending embarrassinghreats?

I cannot believe such a simple procedure such as confirming someone into the Supreme Court has turned into such a circus act.

The Democratic Party is embarassing to the government, and perhaps all of America right now. Please stop with the threats and the name-smearing and start acting like adults.

Kids don’t deserve to be threatened and it’s shameful that people are doing it.

This level of insufferable and generic nonsense just isn’t normal.

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