The media “fact-checked” Trump for saying he would deliver a vaccine by the end of the year…Kayleigh McEnany just exposed all of them for their lies and listed them out while they had no choice but to sit there and listen. But her briefing didn’t stop there…

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t receive a single question about the CHINESE SPY in California Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell’s office, so she closed out her briefing by bringing it up herself and she absolutely NUKED Swalwell.

She brought all of the receipts…and may have ended Swalwell’s political career in just a few short minutes.


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At a briefing on Tuesday afternoon, McEnany noted how many newsrooms had dramatically changed their tune after ignoring a New York Post expose in October that exclusively reported on emails from Biden which now are at the center of a federal probe.

“Interesting pre-election and post-election coverage too on the Hunter Biden scandal which was not covered at all by many outlets in the lead up to the election,” McEnany told reporters after condemning their handling of the Rep. Eric Swalwell Chinese spy controversy.

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And it didn’t take long for McEnany to trigger the LEFTIST MEDIA…especially CNN’s Jim Acosta. McEnany walked away from the podium, answering no questions, while Acosta yelled, “Kayleigh, isn’t it hypocritical for you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?”

“On October 15, you had a New York Times headline that said, ‘Trump said to be warned that he was being given Russian disinformation over Hunter Biden,’” she said.

“Now, December 10, just a few months later, your Times headline is ‘Investigation of Hunter Biden is likely to hang over Biden as he takes office,’” she went on.

“Really interesting turn of events and good for those who covered what was the story all along and not Russian disinformation,” McEnany said.

CNN’s Jim Acosta then attempted to cover himself tweeting, “Fact check: There won’t be a “continuation of power.” That’s disinformation @PressSec.”

Hunter Biden disclosed last week that he is under federal investigation for possible tax fraud — with a report saying the Justice Department is examining his shady overseas business dealings.

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