On August 12, 2018, we reported about a bombshell domestic abuse accusation that was made by the son of Democrat activist Karen Monahan about Congressman Keith Ellison, who also happens to be the Vice Chair of the Democratic Party. It took the DNC 72 hours to respond to the very serious allegations.

When Hillary paraded her accused rapist and serial sexual assaulter husband around as a prop during her 2016 presidential bid, the media refused to acknowledge the serious accusations related to his sexual predator past, or Hillary’s part in either shaming the victims or looking the other way. Yet, when the Democrats and their allies in the media have the opportunity to use a 38-year-old #MeToo accusation against one of President Trump’s US Supreme Court nominees, the coverage of the accusation garners 24/7 media attention and the nomination hearings come to a screeching halt…

The Democrat Party and the mainstream media are consumed by an allegation by a Democrat donor and activist against the honorable Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court. According to Democrat activist, Christine Blasey Ford, when she was allegedly 15 years old, Brett Kavanaugh, who was allegedly 17 years old, allegedly groped her at an alleged house party, and then allegedly placed his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming.  The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, originally made the accusation in an anonymous letter that Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein was in possession of since early July. Just as Kavanaugh was about to be confirmed by the Senate, Feinstein came forward with the accusation, that she has since admitted she can’t confirm is true.

We all know the Democrats couldn’t care less about a 38-year-old alleged account by Ford, what they do care about, however, is holding up the nomination process in hopes of regaining seats in the Senate in November and thwarting the nomination of a conservative judge to the US Supreme Court…

The media doesn’t have to look too far to prove the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party’s feigned concern over female victims of violence or sexual assault. Since early August, Democrat activist Karen Monahan has been very vocal about the abuse she suffered at the hands of DNC Vice Chair and US Congressman, Keith Ellison (D). Apparently, the Democrat Party is unconcerned with his history of domestic violence, as the scandal won’t affect their balance of power in the mid-term elections, since Ellison has decided to vacate his US House seat, and is instead, running for MN State Attorney General. The Ellison scandal won’t have any effect on their efforts to thwart the nomination of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee either, so the Democrats have decided to simply ignore it, knowing full well that their allies in the media will follow suit.

Congressman Keith Ellison’s former girlfriend is not about to let the Democrat Party or their allies in the media get away with ignoring her, however. She’s going public with her case against her former boyfriend, in hopes forcing the Democrats to disavow the accused abuser.

According to the Daily Caller, the ex-girlfriend accusing Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison of domestic abuse told her doctor in 2017 about alleged “emotional and physical abuse” from Ellison, according to a document the woman published Wednesday.

Karen Monahan’s account in the doctor’s report is consistent with what she has been saying publicly since August: that Ellison was emotionally and physically abusive to her while the two were dating.

Ellison is the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is the Democratic nominee for Minnesota attorney general. He has adamantly denied emotionally or physically abusing.

“She states that she was in a very stressful environment for years, emotional and physical abuse by a partner with whom she is now separated,” reads the November 2017 report, a picture of which Monahan posted on Twitter.

Here is Monahan’s tweet with the note from her doctor. Monahan claims that every time she posts the note, it has been deleted by Twitter:

There is also a 911 call that was placed from another woman who was allegedly dating Ellison where she called for help after she was physically abused by Congressman Ellis. Again…it’s crickets from the Democrat Party.

Two weeks after Monahan made the allegations, US Rep. and DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison (D-MN) sat down for an interview with local television station WCCO-TV where he discussed the domestic abuse allegation that was leveled against him by his former Democrat activist girlfriend, Karen Monahan. Prior to the interview, the TV hosts told their viewers Ellison would be speaking about the #MeToo claims against him.  #MeToo refers to sexual abuse or sexual misconduct against a woman by a male in power, so why would the hosts use this watered down social media hashtag to refer to the serious allegations against the Democrat candidate for Attorney General In Minnesota?

The outspoken, Muslim US Congressman, Keith Ellison, who frequently trashes President Trump, appears to be very measured and can be seen looking to the side while responding to the interviewer about physical and verbal abuse allegations.

This outrageous interview was completely ignored by the Democrat Party:



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