The first Black (and half White) President has successfully created the most divisive America we have seen since the civil rights movement. He probably forgot he was raised by White grandparents, and on occasion a White mom.

Obama’s silence about the Black Lives Matter terror movement speaks volumes about his approval for the hateful and violent behavior towards Whites and our brave law enforcement officers. 

Keith Scott, a black man with a gun who was told to put it down by officers surrounding his vehicle was shot and killed by a black police officer in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte rioted. A protester rioter was shot and killed by another protester rioter. No one rioted over his death. Today, Keith Scott’s brother has a message for America. He delivered it to this reporter. It’s his message, but it was likely inspired by the silence of Barack Obama on yet another major city being burned and looted by out-of-control rioters funded by George Soros, one of Barack’s biggest supporters.

Here is a message from Keith Scott’s brother to America:

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