Kellyanne Conway delivered a beat down reporters today who continued to say that a White House Official called coronavirus, ‘Kung Flu’.

She asked the media to tell her who it is because unless it’s confirmed, the media is just passing around a rumor:

“Tell us all who it is.”

The so-called journalist Weijia Jiang tweeted (see below) out that a WH official said: “Kung Flu” hasn’t said who the person is yet. She’s a CBS News White House Correspondent who has about 100k retweets on a claim that has not been proven! The tweet is still on Twitter! It’s just a rumor until there are facts to back it up.

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The White House reporter who keeps popping up everywhere to challenge President Trump and other White House officials is PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor who asked President Trump about the rumor today:

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These political hack reporters have one mission. They want to damage President Trump every chance they get.

Throwing out rumors and then passing them off as fact is a low more even for a journalist.

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