When an audience member asks Kellyanne Conway if Trump will continue to use Twitter as a means to communicate with Americans, he ended his comment with a swipe at Trump not being entirely truthful with his tweets. Kellyanne Conway responded that it would be up to him and the Secret Service, and that he looks at it as a very good platform for him to convey his messages.

Jake Tapper suggested that Trump’s tweet about 3 million illegal aliens voting in the election was false. Of course Tapper has no evidence to back up his assertion. The state of California alone has over 2.6 million illegal aliens who could’ve technically voted in the election. In fact, the two top counties where Hillary received the most votes, are coincidentally the same two counties who have the highest percentage of illegal aliens. In October, 2015, a California state bill was signed in to law by Gov. Jerry Brown, that registers and allows illegal aliens to vote in US Elections. So just in the state of California alone, over 2.6 million illegal aliens could have voted in the election. We haven’t even talked about the illegal aliens who weren’t caught voting in this election because of loopholes in states that allowed illegal aliens to register to vote when they obtained legal drivers licenses.

But Tapper pressed on asking:

Tapper: “Is that really Presidential behavior?”

Conway: “Well he’s the President-Elect, so that’s Presidential behavior, yes.”


Tapper: So the things that Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office, that you criticized, those weren’t Presidential?” 

Conway: “Should we review for those who weren’t born yet what President Clinton did in the Oval Office?”



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