Chris Cuomo of fake news network CNN interviewed Kellyanne Conway on Sunday. You would have thought by now, these hacks at CNN would have figured out they are no match for the brilliant Kellyanne Conway. At the opening of his interview with Conway, Cuomo attempted to convince the few viewers who still watch CNN that President Trump was “very squishy” on his meeting with Vladimir Putin. Kellyanne Conway snapped back in her usual calm but witty way, “Chris, let’s back up. So you’re saying…you used the word squishy which, itself, is unusual to describe the president’s state of mind. So somehow that makes people on CNN insist that the president is never going to raise this with Putin? Why are they still in there?” Cuomo responded, “It’s not about CNN. It’s about what the president said, Kellyanne.” Kellyanne immediately landed a right hook to fake news host Chris Cuomo when she asked him, “Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America?”

Cuomo went on to discuss the nothing-burger story about a meeting Donald Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer prior to the election. The lawyer allegedly claimed he had information about individuals connected to Russian that were funding the DNC and Hillary. It turns out she was a human rights lawyer who wanted to talk about adoption. But CNN, who suffers from Trump-Russia collusion obsession, is clinging to this story like a squirrel protects its only nut in the dead of winter. Again, Conway delivered another knock out blow saying, “you keep on saying opposition research the way you guys constantly vomit words like collusion and Russian interference and affecting the election, all of which you have no evidence. We cannot convert wishful thinking into hard evidence.”


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