Kellyanne Conway responded to a New York Times article that actually claimed Conway is being unfairly attacked by the media because she’s a woman. During the interview with Howard Kurtz of FOX News, Kellyanne Conway blasted the fake pro-women feminists like Nancy Pelosi: “She and I went to the same small Catholic women’s Catholic college, the nation’s oldest all women’s Catholic college, Trinity in Washington DC. And that small women’s Catholic college can boast the first female Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi, and the first successful female presidential campaign manager, and the way they treat the two of us, the president of the college is unbelievable. And you would think some of the alumni that went to an all women’s Catholic college would maybe be pro-life, or at maybe object to Nancy’s abortion anyone, anytime anywhere stance. In my view, you have to be pro-abortion. You have to be anti-male. Look at all of these commercials on TV about men, they can’t open a garbage bag unless their wife shows them how. I mean we treat men like they’re fools. I don’t look at my husband, my son, my cousins, my colleagues that way.” 

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