Rep. Elise Stefanik was fantastic during questioning (see video below) at the sham impeachment hearing by Democrats on Friday. She knew exactly what to ask and was firm but didn’t go overboard. She’s a rising superstar in the Republican party, so it’s no surprise that Democrats immediately began attacking her on social media right after the hearing yesterday.

One of the key Democrats who attacked Stefanik is Kellyanne Conway’s toad frog husband. He’s about as hateful as they come and has been attacking President Trump since the beginning of his presidency.

He’s published several tweets attacking Stefanik but the worst is a photoshopped picture of her at the hearing giving the finger to the camera…IT’S FAKE! In the real photo, she has her hands down (see below).

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The REAL photo is the one with her hands down.

STEFANIK TWEETED: It’s VERY Clear. Far-left Dems & Never Trumpers CANNOT handle the Truth. That’s why they are launching disgusting smears & doctoring photos of me in a sick attempt to intimidate me. Thx for proving that our side is WINNING. Donate NOW to help me fight back.

George Conway called her “trash”. Stefanik responded to him:

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Brit Hume even commented on the disgusting tweet from Conway:


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