CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s disdain for President Trump is so intense, it’s impossible to hide. During a lengthy interview with President Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, Cuomo found himself bumbling and stumbling, as Conway pushed back on the flamethrowing host of the failing network, demanding he back up his accusations with facts.

Cuomo started out their contentious interview with a discussion about the disgraced, fired, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who’s been making the rounds on mainstream media and left-leaning cable news stations to push his book. Cuomo asked Conway to respond to McCabe’s claim that it’s possible President Trump is compromised, and possibly even an asset of Russia. Kellyanne responded, “It’s hardly worth dignifying with a response. He’s a known liar and leaker and he has said to your colleague, Anderson Cooper, earlier today on a different network — gee, I guess it’s possible but I can’t say that it’s a fact.” Kellyanne Conway dismissed his line of questioning, asking Cuomo, “why the heck are we talking about it?”

Conway continued, “And why are we imbuing credibility on somebody who the professional responsibility and the inspector general people, an Obama appointee at that, concluded had lied under oath, had acted without candor, compromised the honesty and integrity that we know the 35,000 or so rank and file FBI men and women that go to work every day, Chris, and do their jobs very well, that they possess and he does not?” Conway then compared McCabe to his former boss, James Comey, saying, ” Just like his former boss Jim Comey, this guy has come out and written books. And then, all of a sudden, they have to announce something to the whole world, grab your hats, you’re not going to believe this one. Clutch your pearls!”

Conway mocked McCabe for dropping a big bombshell that he allegedly held onto for two years, just in time for his book tour, saying: “First of all, if you really feel that way, why do you wait almost two years, in fact, in this case, about two years, to tell everyone? And why does it coincide with a book tour? In fact, the two most explosive things that he tried to wedge in there before the book was even released late last week aren’t even in the book.”

During the interview, Conway said she’d like to “Thank the media” and that she’d “love to thank the Democrats for 2019 and 2020 because they are off to an awful start.”Cuomo attempted to interview her, but Conway persisted, “Trying to out-socialist each other. Cuomo again tried to interrupt her, Conway pressed on, “Anti-semitism…socialism.”

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After destroying the partisan hack host of CNN on multiple counts, including forcing Cuomo, who repeatedly called President Trump a ‘liar’ to admit he couldn’t name one provable “lie” that Trump has told. Conway landed her best punch near the end of the interview, when she mocked Cuomo for saying about Trump that, “He may be lying, I love that. He may be lying. He may be a Russian agent. Ya know what we know for sure?  Here’s something not hypothetical—He is the President.  He may not, not be the President. He is the President—Deal with it. Because you’re gonna have to be as miserable as you are for six more years.”

Chris does it mean anything to you, that your network… and you, have invested just gazillions of dollars and man-hours and just airtime, these screaming graphics this spooky music….collusion, collusion, and now, you have Chairman Burr, saying that they found no collusion.

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At the end of the interview, Conway reminded Cuomo that it’s amazing that this President has survived in spite of the media’s never-ending attacks on him. Finally, Conway reminded him that the only person they mentioned during their interview that’s a proven liar, is Andrew McCabe.


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