Ken Starr told Laura Ingraham last night that there is a reason Attorney General Bill Barr used the word “spying” during his testimony on the Hill this week:

“Here is my take, Bill Barr knows something, Laura. He knows something.”

“He says, I have a concern and I believe I have a basis for that concern. Anyone who knows Bill Barr knows he doesn’t just say things. He thinks about them. He’s careful with what he says.”

“And I think if Bill Barr says I think there is a basis for my concern, he doesn’t say what it is, that is a “stay tuned America. H/T Gateway Pundit

Laura then plays a clip of James Clapper on ‘The View’ lying about the spying:

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Former Deputy Attorney General John Yoo calls Clapper out on his lies.

Starr concluded the segment by saying the employees of our intel agencies “deserve better”.

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Trey Gowdy spoke out on the faux outrage by the Democrats on Barr using the word “spying”:

Gowdy gives great insight into why the Democrats and others are flailing all over the place about Barr using the word “spying”.

Stay tuned…

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