Kentucky’s unpopular Democrat Governor Andy Beshear stood in front of Kentucky Derby fans and removed his face mask to deliver a speech to the crowd. Almost immediately, the governor, who recently threatened he would not reopen his state unless 2.5 million Kentuckians were vaccinated, was booed loudly by the crowd.

Republican Senator Rand Paul is a frequent critic of the overreaching Democrat Governor Andy Beshear. Yesterday, Sen. Paul tweeted:

FL is open. TX is open. TN – mandates repealed. Even NEW YORK has set a firm date to fully reopen (not soon enough) But still not Kentucky, because of drunk with power @AndyBeshearKY

Kentucky Derby fans reacted to the crowd booing the overreaching governor with several brutal tweets:

This Twitter user didn’t care who won the Kentuck Derby, they were just “glad to see Andy Beshear got the reception he deserved, he was booed loudly!!”

The “Joan Zone” tweeted: Never heard a governor booed when presenting the Kentucky Derby trophy until today. Not only booed on national TV but only people clapping were those on stage. Poor Baffert didn’t know what to do. That’s how hated Andy Beshear is; mint juleps couldn’t even make him tolerable.

Dorothy Dimock tweeted about Beshear being roundly booed at the Kentucky Derby, saying it was “Very bearable.”

At least one America-hating liberal responded to the boos coming from the crowd, calling the people who booed, “moron Trumptards,” who “deserve to burn in meth and poverty.”

A maskless Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi attended the Kentucky Derby:

And for those of you who didn’t catch the race, here is the incredible win by “Medina Spirit”

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