Last night, a tornado ripped through the state of Kentucky, killing 80 and leaving thousands without power or shelter.  Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll could possibly exceed 100 as reports of more deaths continue to come in.  Amidst the chaos, a prisoner on supervised work release was injured at a candle factory that was hit by the tornado.  After being treated by the hospital, he simply walked out after the person assigned to supervise him, corrections officer Robert Daniel, died in the tornado.  The inmates name is Graves County Jail Inmate Francisco ‘Cisco’ Starks.



Starks was serving time in the Graves County Jail for third-degree burglary, theft of an automobile and receiving stolen property.  The jail had to evacuate 83 inmates due to damage from the tornado.  While Starks fled from the scene, multiple other inmates helped rescue workers at the candle factory that he and other prisoners were working at.

‘I don’t know who’s watching,’ a woman is heard saying. ‘We got hit by a hurricane. I’m at work in Mayfield and we are trapped.’

‘Please y’all, give us some help. We are at the candle factory in Mayfield. Please, please. Y’all! Please send us some help. Somebody please send us some help, we are trapped.’

The woman then gave further details of the workers’ conditions.

‘The wall is stuck on me,’ she added. ‘Nobody can get to us, y’all, we can’t move.’  Said Kyanna Lou, a worker at the candle factory.

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The tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky threw debris in the air at over 30,000 feet, an apparent record.


This is a developing story.

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