Rep. Kevin McCarthy will face a primary challenge from an “America First Republican” in California’s 20th Congressional District.

David Giglio, a California business owner, announced his campaign to primary the former House Speaker Monday.

“Kevin McCarthy has failed the American people,” Giglio said.

“I am excited to announce my campaign to defeat Kevin McCarthy in California’s 20th Congressional District. After years of being sold out to special interests, the people of the Central Valley deserve an America First Republican fighting for them in Washington and working alongside President Donald Trump to WAGE WAR against the corrupt uniparty!” he continued.

“Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker by 8 courageous members of his party for failing to keep to his promises and capitulating to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats. Kevin McCarthy must be defeated,” he stated.

Read the full release:


Per The Hill:

Giglio also took direct aim at McCarthy, who was ousted from his post Oct. 3, when eight Republicans joined Democrats in favor of a motion to vacate the chair of Speaker. The rebel group of Republicans was angry about McCarthy’s last-minute, bipartisan deal to keep the government funded.

“Kevin McCarthy FAILED the American people by not keeping his promises and capitulating to the corrupt Biden Regime and the radical Democrats,” Giglio said on the website.

“Americans are fed up with the status quo and hungry for change. I intend to do whatever it takes to fight, win, and deliver it for them!” he said on the campaign’s donation page. “Help me DEFEAT the Swamp by making a generous donation below and together we will send an America First fighter to Washington!”

The Hill reached out to Giglio for comment. The Federal Election Commission website showed Giglio filed the necessary paperwork to run for the district Sunday.

“David Giglio has agreed to give me the Exclusive video interview about his primary challenge of swamp creature Kevin McCarthy!” investigative reporter Laura Loomer wrote.

Loomer said her interview with Giglio will air on her Rumble channel Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Fox News wrote:

He’s challenging McCarthy for California’s 20th Congressional District, a safe Republican district covering part of the Golden State’s Central Valley.

Giglio runs a business buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia, according to his campaign site.

But despite being deposed from leadership, McCarthy is a tough rival to beat. The Bakersfield Republican is a fundraising juggernaut for the GOP, raising $78 million in the first nine months of 2023 alone.


He has also sailed to victory in every election since he first won his House seat in 2006.

McCarthy’s re-election campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

California uses a “jungle primary” system in most of its elections. Rather than have separate Republican and Democratic primary races, all candidates compete at once with the top two vote-getters advancing to a general election.

“David watched as elected leaders jumped from office to office, breaking promises made to constituents, and failing to lead on key issues. David believes in putting America first,” Giglio’s campaign website writes.

“David vows that when he goes to Washington, he will not kowtow to Party leaders, special interests, or corporate elites, but fight alongside President Donald J. Trump as wages war against the uniparty, dismantles the Deep State, and Makes America Great Again.”

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