Michigan Congressman Dale Kildee just ruined the plan for Pelosi. He joined Maria Bartiromo today to discuss border security and the wall (video below).

Nancy Pelosi has been hell-bent on denying a wall for President Trump but there may be some cracks showing in her support

She’s put politics before the safety of the American people and other Democrats know it.

Listen to the very confused Pelosi talk about the wall:

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Kildee is the Chief Deputy Democrat Whip so he’s a key to the process of whatever happens regarding decisions on border security. Sounds like he’s cracking and going against Pelosi’s stubborn refusal to fund the wall.

Maria Bartiromo asked Kildee if he would agree to a deal that includes “a physical barrier in some areas”

So are you saying you would be poised to agree to a deal with your colleagues on the right to put money forth that goes toward technology, toward more border agents, toward drone technology whatever that may be, as well as a physical barrier in certain areas where it makes sense? Is that what you’re saying?

Kildee’s one word answer will get him in big trouble with Pelosi who hasn’t budged on her refusal to fund a wall.

While Pelosi makes the claim that President Trump is making the wall political, it appears as though it’s Pelosi who is refusing the wall only because of politics. Experts who’ve worked at the border all say we need a wall. It’s just common sense.

Watch Kildee and Bartiromo agreee to agree on the need for a “physical barrier” at the border:

Kildee agrees with Bartiromo in a one-word answer: “Sure”

Just take a sec and compare Pelosi’s drivel with the common sense approach of President Trump:

“The only way to have a stronger border is to have a physical barrier.” – PDJT

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