In case you haven’t heard the screaming from the swamp creatures and co-conspirators in the Deep State, there’s a sampling below from Conservative Treehouse of just how worried they are that President Trump sees and will expose their corruption. Remember that all of these players are deep into corruption and an attempt to destroy President Trump. As the president gets closer to the head of the snake (Obama), all of the players scream and cry “treason” when it is these Obama minions who are the treasonous ones. Senator Rand Paul said it best when he tweeted this out:

“This is coming from the guy who voted for the Communist Party USA candidate in 1976. Give me a break.” – Senator Rand Paul

A few people have come out to defend President Trump after the press conference with Putin. We agree with all of them only because we know the bigger picture.

Judge Jeanine: “John Brennan is the epitome of the swamp. For this guy to talk about treason as it relates to Donald Trump is absurd”

Senator Rand Paul also let Brennan have it:

“This is coming from the guy who voted for the communist party USA candidate in 1976. Give me a break.”

“If there wasn’t such acute hatred for President Trump, such a ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ on the left…,” a meeting with a Russian leader could have happened sooner says Sen. @randpaul. The blow back from the meeting, “really shows people hatred for President Trump.

Former Intel Operative Tony Shaffer is on it…He knows that Brennan was deeply involved in the effort to take down Trump:

More Republicans need to come out and fight for President Trump!


BOMBSHELL DOCUMENTS Expose Possible Coordination Between FBI, CIA, DOJ, Senate Dem Officials and Obama White House in Trump Russia Investigation

What we all suspected about the chummy relationship between intel agencies and the Obama administration has been exposed. New text messages between the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page suggest a possible coordination between high-ranking officials at the Obama White House, CIA, FBI, Justice Department and former Senate Democratic leadership in the early stages of the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to GOP congressional investigators on Wednesday.

This comes on the same day that the DOJ Inspector General announced he’s reviewing alleged FISA abuses by DOJ and FBI:

Fox News reports:

The investigators say the information provided to Fox News “strongly” suggests coordination between former President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and CIA Director John Brennan — which they say would “contradict” the Obama administration’s public stance about its hand in the process.

Page texted Strzok on Aug. 2, 2016, saying: “Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. Just thinking about congress, foia, etc. You probably know better than me.”

A text message from Strzok to Page on Aug. 3 described former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as being concerned with “information control” related to the initial investigation into the Trump campaign. According to a report from the New York Times, Brennan was sent to Capitol Hill around the same time to brief members of Congress on the possibility of election interference.

Days later, on Aug. 8, 2016, Strzok texted Page: “Internal joint cyber cd intel piece for D, scenesetter for McDonough brief, Trainor [head of FBI cyber division] directed all cyber info be pulled. I’d let Bill and Jim hammer it out first, though it would be best for D to have it before the Wed WH session.”

In the texts, “D” referred to FBI Director James Comey, and and “McDonough” referred to Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, the GOP investigators said.


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