Watch St. Louis, MO grandmother, Peggy Hubbard give violent Anti-Trump protesters a piece of her mind…
“Millennials are so distraught that Hillary didn’t win her race that they are refusing to go to class. How distraught are you because your candidate (so-called) didn’t win the race that you cannot function in life?  Buttercups, cupcakes, snowflakes, millennials, ‘Wake the hell up!’ Life is not fair! You suck it up, you tuck it up, and you keep on rolling. Because your candidate did not win the race, you’re gonna lose your everliving mind and act like a bunch of pussies? Yeah I said it, you’re acting like a bunch of pussies!
Now if I was Donald Trump, what I would do as Commander In Chief, is I would say this to you, ‘If you’re disrupting our commerce, our businesses our residents, our way of life, people cannot get back and forth to work because you clown asses decide to act like a fool and act like a bunch of bitch babies. Then you know what I would do? If you’re on social security, you’re on SSI, SSD, Medicare, Medicaid, Section 8, EBT card, food stamps, anything the federal government is paying for… If you’re arrested, I would cut you off!  I would make an example out of all of you.”

This isn’t the first time outspoken conservative grandmother Peggy Hubbard has offered her opinion on organized groups of thugs who disrupt cities, roadways and residential areas in an attempt to gain sympathy for their cause. Here she is 2 years ago giving the Ferguson rioters a piece of her mind:

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