2018 is going to be an interesting election year in Michigan. The go-along-to-get-along liberal US Senator Debbie Stabenow is going to be in the fight of her life against some of the most non-traditional Republican candidates in the history of Michigan elections.

Former MI Supreme Court Justice and black conservative Bob Young has officially thrown his hat in the Senate race.

Firebrand Lena Epstein, female Jewish business owner, Harvard grad, and former co-chair of the MI Trump campaign, has also officially announced her run against Debbie Stabenow. Unlike Kid Rock, who initially got behind Dr. Ben Carson for President, Epstein was in Trump’s camp from day one.

Last week, Kid Rock sent shockwaves through the political world when he announced his run against Senator Stabenow in the 2018 election.

One thing these candidates all have in common is that they all support and align themselves with President Donald Trump, who broke the Democrat stronghold on Michigan voters that’s plaguing the state since 1992.

Kid Rock did an interview with liberal former CNN host Piers Morgan in 2013. During that interview, it’s clear that Bob Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, who is a rock star in more ways that one in the state of Michigan, has many similarities to President Donald Trump.

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Piers Morgan starts out his interview by pointing out that after he and Kid Rock spent several hours together during his interview, when Rock was asked about his time with Piers, he responded, “Who the (bleep) is Piers Morgan?”, giving the impression that the leftist media doesn’t really have much value in his eyes, or at the very least, he doesn’t hold them in very high regard.


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Part II of Kid Rock’s interview with Piers Morgan delves into Rock’s political views on gun control, abortion, gay marriage and his support for the Republican Party. Although his pro-choice stance won’t likely resonate with many Republicans, there will be a number of pro-choice Republicans as well as crossover Democrats and pro-life Independents his pro-choice stance will appeal to. He also touches on Rock’s decision to raise his son Robert James Ritchie Jr. by himself, that he fathered with his on again, off again girlfriend he’d been dating since the 8th grade.

Piers Morgan was enamored by Kid Rock’s desire to reduce ticket prices for his concerts so he make a difference by allowing the everyday blue-collar worker to attend his concerts. Piers can’t seem to wrap his brain around the fact that a very successful and wealthy entertainer is actually willing to give up a portion of his profit to help out his fans.  Kid Rock doesn’t just talk about how he cares about the little guy like Jay Z, Beyonce and Katy Perry, he actually did something to help them out.

Piers also asks Kid Rock about his drug use. This is where Trump and Kid Rock are nothing alike. President Trump is not and has never been a drug user, after his older brother died of alcohol abuse related complications, Trump made a decision to never have a drink again.

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