Hundreds of happy, maskless students hit the town in Mississippi on Friday night after the state lifted their Chinese virus restrictions on Wednesday, following Texas’ lead.

After one year of walking around with a mask covering their faces, students in Oxford, MS home of Ole Miss University, took to the streets to share their relief with friends.

Teen suicide and depression during COVID lockdowns is a serious issue. The lifting of mask mandates in red states is a step in the right direction.

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NPR reports-Teen and youth anxiety and depression are getting worse since COVID lockdowns began in March, early studies suggest, and many experts say they fear a corresponding increase in youth suicide.

At the end of June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed Americans on their mental health. They found symptoms of anxiety and depression were up sharply across the board between March and June, compared with the same time the previous year. And young people seemed to be the hardest-hit of any group.

Almost 11 percent of all respondents to that survey said they had “seriously considered” suicide in the past 30 days. For those ages 18 to 24, the number was 1 in 4 — more than twice as high.

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It’s great to see the smiling faces of young Americans again!

Children who test positive for COVID are least likely to die and are mostly experiencing mild symptoms.

CNBC – Researchers in Italy analyzed 1,065 Covid-19 patients, mostly in China, under age 19. They analyzed studies published between Dec. 1 and March 3. At least 444 of the patients were younger than age 10, while 553 were ages 10 to 19.

Most children were reported to have mild respiratory symptoms, namely fever, dry cough, and fatigue or were asymptomatic, meaning they produced no symptoms, the researchers said. Many of the children were hospitalized, but most kids with symptoms required only supportive care and didn’t need oxygen or assisted ventilation, they said. No children under age 9 died, but one death was reported in the 10-19 age range.

Joe Biden slammed Mississippi and Texas’ decisions to reopen this month as ‘Neanderthal thinking’ on Wednesday, warning that big, maskless gatherings would lead to another surge in coronavirus cases and deaths.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki later explained that Biden’s derogatory “neanderthal” remark was made in “frustration.”

Photo credits: Daily Mail

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