A Chicago Alderman is raising questions about a recent incident in the area of Michigan Avenue that could be a tourism killer.

Last Wednesday, police arrested dozens of “wilding” teenagers who showed up with 400-500 other teens to swarm the area around Michigan Avenue at Water Tower Place in downtown Chicago.  The teens moved down Michigan Avenue to Millenium Park where they snatched the purses and phones leaving tourist scrambling. A huge brawl broke out in the park. The purpose of the gathering was to cause chaos and crime leaving merchants on the Mag Mile fearful.

Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins spoke out referring to the “soft on crime” policy of Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx:

“If there are no consequences to criminal acts you’re going to see an increase in criminal acts. You don’t even get a slap on the wrist anymore. You get a ride home. So that’s happening in increasing numbers, and it’s disturbing, and it has implications for the downtown area, where retailers see their shrinkage rates from theft increase dramatically.”

Corner State/Lake where police said they’ve already made at least 30 arrests after a group of 400-500 teens “wilding” on Michigan Ave. Right after an update, chaos breaks out again with several subsequent arrests.

Police say the group was as large as 500 people, walking around causing general issues. Some arrested for theft

Alderman Hopkins spoke to the media about the “wilding” in the city and expressed concern over the lack of punishment because the arrested kids were just picked up by their parents at the police station.

The “kids will be kids” attitude ends when there is theft and violence. What will this do to the tourist industry that is such a big part of Chicago’s economy

Kim Foxx should rethink her “soft on crime” policy. It will only kill the city of Chicago’s tourism industry.

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