Imagine the depravity of wishing to be put in lockdown by your government.

In an article he did for the Guardian, Journalist Michael Venutolo-Mantovani wrote “I’m going to miss being locked down,” his heart aching for another.

Writing for Summit News, Paul Joseph Watson reported on Venutolo-Mantovani’s bizarre yearning;

“When I walked out of my town’s massive conference center in early April, a second Pfizer shot fresh in my arm, a flood of emotions swelled in me. Creeping behind the feelings of joy and anticipation, I felt a strange bit of sadness that, all the way home, I could not shake. When I walked into my house and my three-year-old dashed into my arms, it hit me,” wrote Venutolo-Mantovani.

“I think I’m going to miss being locked down, I realised, in disbelief.”

Mr. Watson reports,

The journalist goes on to explain how he is “calmed by the idea of another potential lockdown, or at least growing restrictions,” in response to the delta variant of COVID.

The main thrust of the argument is that the lockdown gave Venutolo-Mantovani an excuse to slow down, not have to go into the office, and spend more time with his family.

That’s all well and good, but he could have chosen to do that anyway without the need for unprecedented, authoritarian lockdowns that have ruined countless relationships, marriages, careers, small businesses, led to a sharp spike in suicides and caused untold number of deaths from future poverty and serious illnesses going untreated.

When you have a cushy job where you can work from home, lockdowns aren’t nearly as taxing on you as they are on the working stiffs that make up the majority. Most cannot fathom being excited at the prospect of another draconian lockdown.

Twitter users mocked the looney journalist:
‘I want to be paid money for sitting on my arse or permanently work from home in my cushty £40k+ a year job while the working classes deliver me parcels from Amazon and my weekly Waitrose shop whilst I patronisingly clap them on my doorstep’

It got brutal:
‘They had to close the Humber Bridge during one of the lockdowns, because of the huge increase in people jumping off it. But, hey, as long as he got to “re-evaluate” his life.’

Another added,
‘It’s so rewarding for people who worked through the Lockdowns to maintain essential services, whilst paying taxes, to know that they’re supporting philosophers who like being paid for staying at home. Makes it all worthwhile.’



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