State Reps Forced To Stand Awkwardly In Background

At one point it appears as though someone approaches the two State Representatives who appear to be trapped behind the rambling, incoherent train wreck, Kentucy House Speaker and Democrat, Greg Stumbo and offers them an opportunity to get off the stage.

“This wealth accumulation in America has to cease.” – 

Kentucky Republicans had a very good election day. Matt Bevin defeated Democrat Jack Conway to become only the second Republican Kentucky governor in four decades. Jenean Hampton won her quest for lieutenant governor, becoming the commonwealth’s first African-American to hold a statewide office. “Rising Democratic star” State Auditor, Adam Edelen, was ousted by Republican state Rep. Mike Harmon, despite raising nearly $900,000 to Harmon’s $37,000.

Democrats held on to some seats, but the defeats were crushing in part because Conway was ahead in polling up to election day. With so many Democrats ousted from office or unable to win their campaigns, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo is one of the top-ranking Democrats still standing.

He gave a speech that was striking for its odd content and rambling delivery. Flanked by state Reps. Martha Jane King and Jeff Greer, Stumbo discussed his thoughts on the political affiliation of Jesus and his view on what Scripture really is and how it influences politics.

“And the other thing I know is that if in fact the Bible is a book of parables, like I believe it is, think about this: Mary did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem that night,” he said to a restrained crowd.[…] For entire story:The Federalist   h/t:Weasel Zippers

Hmmmm….I wonder where he got the idea America is beginning to think of the Democrats as the “Godless party?”

Maybe Conway missed the last DNC convention where the members voted to remove God from the platform:

And then of course, there is Reverend Wright who preached hate and anything but the truth about God’s love for all of his people to Barack Hussein Obama (the ultimate Democrat Community Organizer) for roughly 20 years:


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