Conservative pro-gun Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv took to Twitter on Monday to address a tweet from Lauren Hogg, sister of the infamous anti-gun nut David Hogg and he totally obliterated her argument.

David Hogg has become a darling of the left who wasted no time making him their latest puppet, obviously not feeling an ounce of shame for exploiting a child to help push their agenda.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

Lauren Hogg, sister of far-left provocateur David Hogg, tweeted: “I’m tired of people saying, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.“ Fighting fire with fire never got anything done. It just burned everything down. It is the same reason why we must never fight hate with hate. Only love can drive out hate.”

Kashuv responded by writing: “Okay, so if someone comes at you with a gun make sure you offer them a hug. Let me know how it goes!”

Kashuv wasn’t the only one to respond to this “Hogg wash.”

As Mr. Baldwin said, you don’t have to hate a crazed lunatic shooting people up in order to take them down with a bullet.

In fact, the motivation for self-defense in such a case should always be love. Love for the gift of life you’ve been given and a love for others around you that motivates you to take action to protect them and preserve their lives.

This isn’t a cheesy after school special. This is real life. Telling the gunman you love him in order to stop his rampage might work in really bad Hollywood films, but it will not work in real life.

A good guy with the gun — who is brave, selfless, and loves others — is the only real way to stop someone like Nikolas Cruz. That’s just plain old reality.

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